Rgb mirror

Rgb mirror

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9 NEW MODES! All-in-one mirror!

Now with Micro USB power option
3 Colour chase speeds
6 Static colour choices:
- Green
- Red
- Blue
- Yellow
- Pink
- Teal

  • Easily installed in seconds over stock mirror via clips.
  • Great for mood lighting your interior or desk setup.
  • Operated with an On/Off switch.
  • Completely functional as a regular mirror when switched off.
  • Great for mood lighting your interior.
  • Battery operated, no wiring required.
  • High-quality LED bulbs.
  • Fits over mirrors up to 8cm tall.
  • Size:  29.2cm wide, 7.5cm tall.
  • Uses 3x AAA batteries, they are NOT included.

WARNING: This product is for display/show use only. These mirrors should not be lit when driving as they are for show use only. As standard with all battery-operated products these mirrors should not be left in extreme weather conditions, this includes high heat (example: vehicles left in direct sunlight in hot weather for extended periods) or high moisture areas. Issues caused by the beforementioned are not covered under warranty.

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